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Darlene Buibas

Darlene Buibas is an environmental writer and sustainability advocate deeply committed to conservation and creating a positive impact on the planet. She holds a BA in Sustainability Studies from Roosevelt University in Chicago. Darlene actively collaborates with non-profit organizations, writes articles, and leads blog series that raise awareness and garner support for conservation efforts. Darlene's passion for environmental issues drives her to inspire individuals and communities alike to raise awareness, embrace sustainable practices, and work towards an eco-friendlier future.

sustainable suppliers

Exploring sustainable suppliers: a path to responsible sourcing

Discover the role of sustainable suppliers in sustainable sourcing, eco-certifications, and ethical supply chains. Learn how responsible choices in business and consumer decisions shape a greener and more ethical future. What are sustainable suppliers? Do you know where your morning coffee came from? Have you ever wondered about its source, the type of beans used, the farming practices employed, or… Read More »Exploring sustainable suppliers: a path to responsible sourcing

sustainable packaging

Packaging a brighter tomorrow: the power of sustainable packaging

Sustainable packaging and materials play a vital role in reducing environmental impact and promoting business sustainability. Discover the benefits and best practices for packaging solutions. Why sustainable packaging? Sustainable packaging is the eco-hero of our time, making a significant impact in the world of packaging solutions. It’s all about being kind to our planet, using materials that can be reused… Read More »Packaging a brighter tomorrow: the power of sustainable packaging