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About Us


Our Mission

We support and empower environmentalists and sustainability advocates with the resources, relationships, and opportunities they need to amplify their impact and create positive change.


Here are some things we do

Our goal is to help you reach success in your green journey and scale your reach and your impact.


Growing platform and community where you can learn, build relationships, and discover ways to become more effective and happier in your purpose-driven work and life. Click here to connect with us.


Creating a collection of resources that help green businesses, sustainability professionals, and advocates advance, grow, and reach new heights. Please reach out with questions & inquiries.


Building and maintaining a collection of green career resources, green job boards and career platforms, and sharing featured positions. You are welcome to post your job opening here.


Constantly adding new environmentally-focused businesses and organizations to our database and promoting featured companies each month. You are welcome to submit your inquiry here.


Sharing tips, news, and expert advice on cleantech innovations and utilizing tech for green initiatives. If you have questions or need help with leveraging technology in your green project, let us know here.


Looking for partners who are passionate about sustainability, green technology, and environmental protection. We are always happy to hear from like-minded people. Click here to connect with us.

Our Global Reach

We work with purpose-driven and sustainability-focused businesses and professionals from around the globe.

What people are saying

“Habitatpoint is the perfect go-to to find out more about living a green life or even finding an environmental career. There’s always new and refreshing content that you can apply to your everyday life.”

Adri M.

“I really like what you’re doing with your website. It’s inspirational and very useful and helpful. I’ll definitely be using it more often.”

Taringana W.

“I think this is absolutely fantastic that you are shedding light on the various opportunities that are available for people to embark towards a sustainable career and future!”

We’d love to hear from you

Whether you have a question about what we do or an idea you’d like to share, drop us a line—we’d love to hear from you!


Who’s behind this project

Hi, I’m Olena! I am a scientist by education, a technology leader by day, a mom of two, and a sustainability advocate by heart.

My passion for positive change drives me to constantly explore ways to align my skills, education, and experience in a cohesive and meaningful way. I am a strong believer that we all have the power to leverage our unique assets to make this world a better place.

In recent years, I’ve led high-performing teams at a top responsible sourcing certification company, helped my team in achieving grants for innovative cloud projects with scalable positive impact, elevated digital presence for an ethical investing firm, and collaborated with numerous sustainability-focused nonprofits.

Engaging in collaborative professional groups over the course of my career inspired me to extend the benefits of shared ideas to the impact driven work realm. So I launched this platform as a supportive community and a knowledge hub for purpose-driven professionals, environmentalists, sustainability advocates, and ethical business owners.

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