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Abdul Wahab

Abdul is a sustainability advocate and environmental engineer. Abdul ensures that enterprises are created, run, and are providing outcomes in accordance with sustainability protocols. It is Abdul's responsibility to ensure the development of systems and infrastructure for the provisioning of water, removal of trash, and management of all forms of pollution.

responsible procurement cover

Sustainable procurement – your path to ethical sourcing

Sustainable procurement (also called responsible procurement or green procurement) is an integral part of the materiality matrix of a company’s environmental Social Governess (ESG) or corporate social responsibilities (CSR). Sustainable procurement involves responsible procurement of products or services for the business rather than buying products or services from the company based on price, delivery time and durability. Green procurement along… Read More »Sustainable procurement – your path to ethical sourcing

professional sustainability certifications

Sustainability Professional Certifications

Are you looking for top sustainability certifications and don’t know which one is best suitable for your career? Sustainability nowadays is a new trend around the world for Business development. As a result, more companies are racing for sustainability for marketing purposes and are willing to trace their business activities that are affecting the environment. This movement toward sustainability in… Read More »Sustainability Professional Certifications

water sustainability technologies

Water sustainability technologies – equipment and systems for better water management

An up-to-date and comprehensive list of water sustainability technologies that drive cost efficiencies, and enable a more ethical use of natural resources. Water is future gold and war initiator. It was said by the great poet “Thousands have lived without love, not one without water.” -W.H. Auden. What is water sustainability? Water Sustainability is a fulfillment of the water need… Read More »Water sustainability technologies – equipment and systems for better water management