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Purpose-driven life & career

Advice and support on finding meaning and purpose in your life and your career through a sustainable lifestyle and driving positive impact and change in the world

purpose-driven life and minimalism

Purpose-driven living and minimalism: top similarities

Minimalism and purpose-driven living are two concepts that have gained a lot of popularity in recent years. Both concepts encourage individuals to live intentionally, simplify their lives, and focus on what truly matters. While minimalism is often associated with the physical aspect of simplifying one’s life, purpose-driven living focuses more on the emotional and spiritual aspects of living intentionally. However,… Read More »Purpose-driven living and minimalism: top similarities

benefits of volunteering

Benefits of volunteering for your life, career, and business

There are many surprising benefits of volunteering for your career, as well as for your business. Read on to learn more about how volunteering can improve your life and your organization. Have you ever wanted to find a way to learn new skills, while making friends and advancing your career? If this sounds like you, you might be interested in… Read More »Benefits of volunteering for your life, career, and business