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Green business tips to help ethical, sustainable, purpose-driven businesses grow, prosper and innovate 

social entrepreneurship

The winding road of social enterprises and sustainability pros

Are you keen to help the environment? Or build on your existing initiatives? Social enterprises and sustainability/environmental professional landscape is diverse. It encompasses areas that directly or indirectly aim to safeguard that on which everything else – including the economy – depends.  Let’s look at the social enterprise examples and other shades of green through which people help the planet:… Read More »The winding road of social enterprises and sustainability pros

Simona Paganetto green business interview

Green business spotlight: Simona Paganetto

Welcome to our interview series where we speak with purpose-driven business owners and ecopreneurs from around the globe. Every few weeks, we’ll dive into their journeys, learn about their wins and challenges, and the resources they couldn’t do without.

Prepare to be inspired and learn something new!

Today’s guest is Simona Paganetto from I’M PLASTIC FREE.

Read More »Green business spotlight: Simona Paganetto