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Latest trends, news, and innovations in cleantech, climate tech, energy efficiency, IoT, and green technology.


Analyzing ROI in long-term staff engagement

In the realm of sustainable businesses, the concept of return on investment (ROI) transcends mere financial metrics and capital expenditures, reaching into the realm of intangible yet vital elements like employee engagement. Evaluating the ROI of sustained employee engagement is paramount in an age where employee satisfaction and involvement directly influence both productivity and the overall success of a company… Read More »Analyzing ROI in long-term staff engagement

reduce water pollution

Which Technologies Are Used To Reduce Water Pollution?

Water is essential to life and the quality of water has a direct impact on human health and the environment. Unfortunately, water pollution has become a major global issue, with pollutants such as chemicals, pathogens, and waste entering our water sources. The good news is that there are technologies available that can effectively reduce water pollution and make water safe… Read More »Which Technologies Are Used To Reduce Water Pollution?

water sustainability technologies

Water sustainability technologies – equipment and systems for better water management

An up-to-date and comprehensive list of water sustainability technologies that drive cost efficiencies, and enable a more ethical use of natural resources. Water is future gold and war initiator. It was said by the great poet “Thousands have lived without love, not one without water.” -W.H. Auden. What is water sustainability? Water Sustainability is a fulfillment of the water need… Read More »Water sustainability technologies – equipment and systems for better water management

digitalization and sustainability

How digitalization drives sustainability

The digital age and how its technologies are driving sustainability in business. This article will explore some of the many impacts that digitalization has had on sustainability business transformation and how these impacts interact with the triple-bottom-line. Digitalization can be defined as the integration of modern technologies into our everyday lives. This integration is made possible thanks to the digitization… Read More »How digitalization drives sustainability