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6 popular green job boards to launch your career in sustainability

Sustainability careers and green jobs are a fast-growing industry, taking the world by storm.

Especially since the world of work is intrinsically linked to the health of the natural environment.

Thus, green jobs are not a distant future but a necessary present.

What are the Types of Sustainable Jobs?

Sustainability – avoiding resource depletion to maintain future global ecological balance – is a popular and growing field. It attempts to integrate the social sciences, environmental science, and economics to make the earth more sustainable.

Now, more than ever, there is a profound need for the implementation of more sustainable practices across the job board. Such as, agriculture, tourism, and other industries including pharmaceuticals, textiles and food and beverage, and even the service industry all heavily rely on a healthy and sustainable planet to thrive.

Given the growing concerns of global climate change, biodiversity loss and environmental and social injustice it is no word sustainability is such a hot hiring space right now. A green job can inspire innovative ways to manage the growing ecological balance concerns and therefore the earth’s sustainability moving forward. Typically a green job refers to a job in the area of Environmental Sustainability, which Supports Global Climate Change, Green, and Environmental Science, and social equity related jobs.

According to Indeed the 10 Sustainable Jobs that are particularly attractive in the market and those making the most impact are:

1. Urban Planner. (National average salary: $62,707 per year)

The role of Urban Planners is usually to help governments and private organizations to design and develop master plans for land use, specializing in programs and policies.

2. Landscape Architect. (National average salary: $63,819 per year)

Landscape Architects are responsible for surveying and understanding the natural geography, geology, and terrain of an area. Further implementing various design strategies to introduce built structures seamlessly with the environment.

3. Environmental Geologist. (National average salary: $65,272 per year)

The Environmental Geologist plays a vital role in facilitating an important aspect of sustainability-related initiatives by finding alternative sources of energy and resources.

4. Environmental Consultant. (National average salary: $67,822 per year)

An Environmental Consultant’s role is usually to contract with private and/or public sector clients. Including Environmental Agencies, Water Treatment Facilities, and Other Organizations whose products or services impact the environment.

5. Environmental Scientist. (National average salary: $68,629 per year)

Environmental Scientists work to find the best methods and practices to ensure the protection of the environment and promote human health.

6. Ecologist. ( National average salary: $72,370 per year)

Ecologists study and explore the myriad ways in which we can begin to deal with the impact of human activities on the environment.

7. Air Quality Engineer. (National average salary: $74,851 per year)

Air Quality Engineers are responsible for analyzing air pollution in an area through sophisticated monitoring processes, statistical analyses, and 3D computer modeling.

8. Environmental Engineer. (National average salary: $77,723 per year)

Environmental Engineers use the synergistic approach of combining the principles of engineering with knowledge of biological and ecological processes to solve environmental issues.

9. Sustainability Engineer. (National average salary: $87,796 per year)

A Sustainability Engineer is tasked with designing and implementing Renewable Energy projects by assessing sites, drawing plans, and monitoring finances.

10. Energy Manager. (National average salary: $80,862 per year)

Energy Managers perform audits to ensure efficient resource use. This applies to both Financial and Environmental resources.

The field is in a constant state of change and expansion, and given its complex and all-encompassing nature, there are a lot of other jobs that fall within the process chain and across the board. The Eco Ally highlights some key sustainable and green jobs that do not require a university degree, including:

● Urban Farming

● Content Creating

● Ecotourism Guide

● Firefighting

● Forest And Conservation

● Recycling

● Weatherization

● Wind And Solar Technician

● Green Construction

● Smart Grid And Green HVAC

Which Green Board Job to Choose?!

With so many green job boards out there, you must be wondering which one to choose? The key to finding what you need from green job boards in your job search is to be specific, as specific as possible! The type of green job board that will be most useful to you will ultimately depend on the type of job you’re looking for, where you are searching, and your qualifications. Thus, some sites may be more or less helpful than others.

Types of Green Job Boards

For example, there are some green job boards that focus solely on Research And Academia, Green Technology And Engineering, Conservation And Natural Resources, Non-profits, Internships, Consulting, among many others. One must be able to filter through all this noise to find the right fit. The goal of popular green job boards is to help you filter your needs and interests and ultimately find the right job for your unique set of skills and assets. However, with so many resources available, it might be difficult at first to find the one best suited for your needs.

Below is a brief list of some of the best green job boards to guide you in your search;

1. Green Job SearchFind it all in One Place. A Green Job Board for the Best Green, Sustainability and Environmental Jobs. Offering a wide array of industries, postings, and locations globally.

2. Environmental CareerKeep it Snappy. This website’s clear and concise descriptions accompanied with company logos allow for easy scanning through the list of roles. Narrowing down positions according to location and industry.

3. IdealistFor the Daydreamers. In addition to being a wonderful job search engine, Idealist offers the curious an opportunity to find organizations, events, and blogs regarding all things sustainable.

4. Foundation ListWe see you, Philanthropists. A mission-focused and non-profit career website with the possibility of searching for jobs by industry, state, or job function.

5. Acre Globe Trotters. Offering a global selection of corporate responsibility (CSR) jobs in multiple industries. Although about half of the roles are in the UK, there is a decent number of job postings in the US and Europe.

6. Clean Power Jobs(E x 2). Focused mainly on Environmental and Energy jobs in the US and Canada. It has a decent Green Jobs Resources page with links to news and other sites.

Looking for more great resources to guide your green career search? Check out our Free list of 100 sustainability and green career ideas

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Author: Natali Ghawi, an architect, urban planner, and sustainability consultant. Natalie is holding an HBA from UofT in Architecture and Urban Studies, a Cert in Sustainability at UCLA, and is currently pursuing an MA in Sustainable Cities and Communities at Harvard.

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