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10 types of companies that can use solar to reduce electricity consumption

Solar energy for business is an excellent opportunity for those who want to save on their electricity bills and bet on a sustainable solution with an excellent financial return. Companies from the most diverse segments are betting on their energy generation and reducing expenses with this fixed expense.

If you are in doubt whether solar energy is for your business, in this post, I will present 10 types of companies that can use the system so that you can visualize the applicability in each case. Continue reading if you want to bet on solar energy for your business!

The types of businesses that can benefit

The electricity bill is usually a concern for businessmen, especially during periods with increased tariffs, as last year. Anyone who invests in solar energy for business is free from suffering from variations in tariff flags and obtains significant savings in the value of the electricity bill. Below are some types of businesses that can benefit:

1. Supermarkets and food companies

Supermarket chains and food stores such as bars and restaurants consume a lot of energy due to equipment such as refrigerators, freezers, and airconditions, which increases the electricity bill. A solar power system can reduce your electricity bill. In fact, if you a have high solar power generation, your solar might as well be enough to cover your electrical needs.

2. Hospitals

In the hospital area, energy is constant for operating various devices and adequate lighting throughout the day. By installing a solar power plant, the hospital’s equipment will continue to function normally, significantly reducing the electricity bill. Of course, you can’t solely depend on solar energy but in terms of reducing your bill, they will come in handy.

3. Hotels and inns

Other spaces that also need energy throughout the day are hotels and inns. To meet guests’ needs and keep the entire structure working, energy is one of the sector’s biggest expenses. This becomes even more evident during peak season when energy consumption is higher.

4. Shopping malls

In the case of shopping centers, intense lighting and the use of air conditioning are some of the elements that increase the electricity bill. In this sense, betting on a renewable source and investing in solar energy is an exciting way to remain competitive. Imagine if you don’t have to turn off some lights or air conditioning systems during the day time if you have solar energy system in placed.

5. Civil Construction

The demolition and construction of buildings demand a high energy level, and solar energy can be a more sustainable and economical alternative for the sector that generates the most environmental impacts.

6. Automotive industry

The entire industrial sector spends a lot on electricity, and the automotive sector is no different. Due to the size of the machines used, there is a high energy demand. Even the expenses end up impacting the value of the cars produced.

7. Gas stations

Investing in solar energy for gas stations is a solution that helps save money and can be an essential reduction to promote improvements and stand out from competitors. Find out more about the advantages of solar energy for gas stations.

8. Internet providers

The internal infrastructure of internet providers requires energy autonomy, which the off-grid system format can provide, suitable for companies outside the concessionaire’s coverage. In this case, it is possible to rely on generating solar energy using batteries and charge controllers.

9. Rural and agricultural properties

The same goes for agribusiness, which can bet on solar energy to reduce costs and gain more autonomy on properties by using the solution for standard business practices such as irrigation, cooling, or heating, for example.

10. Metallurgical industry

The metallurgical and mining industries are the ones that consume the most energy in the country, which represents 70% of the value of the final product. Therefore, solar energy can be an opportunity to save and maximize results.

Did you see how many companies can take advantage of solar energy? Next, understand more about solar energy and the return on investment.

How solar energy works for business

Solar energy works by installing a photovoltaic system, which can be done on the roofs or the ground, including solar panels that will absorb the sun’s rays to transform them into energy suitable for use. Connected to the local energy distribution network, the on-grid solar energy system operates with energy compensation. All surplus energy generated in your company will be “lent” to the concessionaire for redistribution. In this, credits are paid directly on your light bill.

Like the new regulatory framework for solar energy, the credit clearing rules will change by adding a new fee. So, the time is now if you’re considering investing in solar energy. Companies that invest in 2023 can enjoy the current compensation until 2046.

How much does solar energy cost for business?

To have a system in your company, you need to purchase the solar energy generator kit with solar panels, inverter, accessories, structure, and the bidirectional meter, the latter is provided free of charge by the concessionaire. The investment amount will vary according to the project. Therefore, it is essential to have the support of specialized designers.

Solar energy for more profitable businesses

Solar energy for business is a very profitable investment. This is because the return on investment period varies between 4 to 6 years, depending on each project. After that period, with the discharge of the invested amount, you make a profit.

Savings on the electricity bill can reach up to 95%. Can you imagine how much your company cannot save with the investment in solar energy? In addition, solar panels have a useful life of 25 years, operating at 80% of their original capacity. It takes many years to rely on its energy and the profit generated from the investment.

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