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Introducing: impact reporting template

Is this you?

➤ Ethical/sustainable business owner finding it challenging to showcase the tangible benefits that your company has for people and the planet, grow your brand’s exposure and attract the right customer.

➤ Social entrepreneur lacking the time and creative skills for creating a compelling impact story and an impressive deck for pitching your startup to investors.

➤ Ethical marketing specialist struggling to come up with unique end effective ways to help purpose-driven and sustainable businesses better differentiate themselves in the growing market.

➤ Non-profit manager finding it increasingly difficult to attract new donors and raise funding for your cause.

Imagine if…

You had a simple and flexible annual impact report template.

You could follow straightforward instructions provided by a sustainability reporting professional and be sure the approach is reliable and effective.

You didn’t need to spend hours thinking about what information to include and what measures to use.

You just handed over the filled template to a designer and got back a stunning Impact report ready to distribute.


Impact reporting workbook & template for sustainable businesses, non-profits and social entrepreneurs.

An effective system to take your purpose-driven organization from living your values to the next level of brand and impact communications. 

impact reporting workbook photo

What’s inside:

  • Downloadable impact reporting template you can print out and complete offline at your leisure.
  • Simple steps with instructions and examples that are easy to follow.
  • 10 pages covering all the main areas of impact reporting – just enough to hit all the important points without being overwhelming.
  • Flexible structure that works for any type of organization and/or business model.
  • Topics covered: vision, mission, goals & timeframes, approach, guiding principles, environmental, social, and economic initiatives, recognition & awards, stories from key stakeholders, lessons learned, and next steps.
  • 2 free add-ons: “Impact reporting: metrics and measures” and “Impact reporting: data sources, tools & processes” to help you quantify impact across all categories.

It is for you if:

  • You are a sustainable business leader or a non-profit manager looking to communicate your values, efforts, and results to various internal and external audiences.
  • You are looking to strengthen your brand affinity, establish accountability and transparency standards, use positive impacts to attract new customers and/or investors, and foster a strong workplace culture.
  • You are looking to create an annual report to provide a concise and comprehensive view of the entire year and your long-term impact on the environment, societies, communities, and individuals.

It is not for you if:

  • You represent a large corporation with a large-scale and complex sustainability program.
  • You are not willing to put in the work to follow instructions and brainstorm ideas.
  • You are looking to produce a more standardized and narrowly focused report required by a specific project, program, audit, or regulation.

It’s the perfect time to create your impact report for the past year.

Be sure to use your discount by the end of the month.