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Green Trade Associations

A list of green trade associations to get your business involved in.

Trade associations, unlike strictly professional associations, have packages available for companies to get multiple members of their staff involved at discounted rates. Whether you have just a few workers on your corporate sustainability team or dozens of geologists, there is likely a green trade association that is perfect for your needs.

Green trade associations play a key role in getting your employees engaged and educated within their respective environmental disciplines. These types of associations are especially handy if a company doesn’t have sufficient internal resources to properly educate and keep its staff current with forward-looking practices. Your company’s environmental team will have the opportunity to network with other members within the association to share tips and tricks specific to their trade.

Employees will also appreciate that their employer invested in their edification which in turn can drive productivity and increases the quality of work. It’s recognized that environmental issues are only a small fraction of the challenges that a company faces and it’s common for an environmental team to feel like they are on an ‘island’ within their own company. Getting your environmental personnel involved with a trade association demonstrates that the green side of the business is taken seriously.

American Meteorological Society

Price: $530 – $8,465/year

The American Meteorological Society offers four levels of institutional membership that are structured to satisfy the technical and marketing needs of both large corporations and small businesses alike. AMS develops its members in disciplines such as atmospheric science, oceanic science, hydrologic science, and more.

The four levels of institutional membership include the Sustaining Corporation and Institutional memberships, the Regular Corporation and Institutional memberships, the Small Business Corporation and Institutional membership, and the Publication Corporation and Institution membership. The Sustaining Corporation membership is the most expensive and prestigious. The Regular Corporation membership specializes in companies engaged in distribution. The Small Business Corporation membership is for organizations employing five or fewer employees. The Publication Corporation membership is catered towards public agencies like universities and libraries.

National Association of Environmental Professionals

Price: $850 – $875/year

Otherwise known as NAEP, this is an interdisciplinary association dedicated to ethics and proficiency in environmental fields. NAEP encourages high-quality decision-making with the potential environmental, social, and economic impacts in mind. Voting and non-voting group memberships include up to five designated members per company. Companies will benefit from having access to an exclusive list of environmental vendors for their environmental needs at discounted prices.

American Society for Quality

Price: $5,000 – $25,000/year

Organizations have become more and more interested in establishing a culture of quality-based and fact-based practices to increase value and inhibit growth. ASQ teaches its members how to implement quality methodologies throughout their companies to achieve excellence. It’s a global community dedicated to sharing ideas and tools with the goal of making the world a better place. Environmentalism and sustainability are a huge part of the Society.

A corporate-level membership costs $5,000 per year whereas an enterprise-level membership costs $25,000 per year. The enterprise-level membership includes complimentary registrations to ASQ’s world conference as well as complimentary invitations to exclusive roundtable events.

American Association of Geographers

Price: $5,000/year

The American Association of Geographers boasts over $17,000 in value worth of products and services. Custom packages and services are also available. Members benefit from large discounts for annual meetings, access to conference attendee lists, advertisement opportunities on the AAG website, quarterly mailing lists, and access to a network of over 10,000 members, and more. The membership includes five employees. Each additional employee is another $100/year.

Northeast Organic Farming Association of Vermont

Price: $100/year

The NOFA-VT Association takes pride in supporting organic agriculture local to Vermont. It brings together farmers, gardeners, and local organic food enthusiasts together to provide a sustainable and healthy food system to the community. Member benefits include discounts and access to organic seeds and compost. Members will also be included in conferences, workshops, and newsletters. The price is $100/year for up to four employees.

European Association of Environmental and Resource Economists

Price: $300 – $1,200/year

Although stationed out of Europe, the EAERE has members across the globe. By joining EAERE, you are supporting the Association’s lobbying efforts, its advancement of environmental economics, and the fostering of communication between educators and their respective schools. Institutional membership options include a Full Institutional option as well as a University option. The Full Institutional membership is $1,200/year while the University membership is $300/year.

Association of Environmental and Resource Economists

Price: $1,000/year

The AERE focuses on the economy as it relates to environmentalism. It encompasses aspects of environmental economics such as sustainability, clean energy, cleantech, and more. Institutional memberships are only $1,000/year. Institutions in low-income economies (as defined by the World Bank) can join for only $100/year. Members benefit from free job postings, sponsorship on the website, and special recognition and community events.

American Society of International Law

Price: $200/year

Members of the Society are attorneys, educators, judges, students, and more with a focus on international law. It’s a global society that connects members with the latest developments within the discipline as well as access to its extensive network. There are chapters and breakout groups that focus strictly on issues related to environmental international law. Government and non-government organizations can secure a membership for as low as $200/year.

National Association for EHS Managers

Price: $850 – $7,500/year

An association structured to elevate its member’s EHS and sustainability initiatives. It connects EHS professionals together who sympathize with the unique challenges faced in an industrial setting and can assist in problem-solving. Corporate membership fees are based on your company’s gross annual revenue. Companies that make less than $500 million pay only $1,500/year whereas companies that earn $25 billion pay $7,500/year. There is a separate membership opportunity for nonprofits, universities, and government entities. The cost for these organizations is just $850/year.

The memberships include monthly drop-in discussions, monthly webinars, benchmark research, quarterly meetings, professional development, leadership opportunities, vendor discounts, and more.

The Association for the Advancement of Sustainability in Higher Education

 Price: $310 – $20,000

The AASHE strives to connect organizations with higher education institutions that are industry-leaders in sustainability. It encourages collaboration between higher education institutions and businesses to achieve sustainability-driven goals. Memberships are available for schools, nonprofits, and businesses. School memberships are based off on enrollment starting at $310/year for less than 250 students and topping off at $2,130 for over 30,000 students. Membership dues for nonprofits are based on a budget where less than $15 million only pays $310 while a budget of more than $250 million pays $915 annually. Business fees are structured based on annual fees where less than $1 million in sales only pay $350 while more than $25 million in sales pays $20,000/year.

Association for Environmental & Outdoor Education

Price: $75 – $200/year

This Association works to help organizations educate and encourage members of the general public to get involved with environmental conservation and recreation. Many environmentally permitted entities are required to educate the general public on their initiatives and that’s where AEOE comes in. Based out of California, memberships include packages for small, medium, and large-sized organizations. It’s also running a special $75 COVID-19 relief package to organizations affected by the pandemic.

North American Association for Environmental Education

Price: $250 to $500/year

Members of NAAEE gain exclusive access to a diverse network of environmental educators. Members can join and participate in forums and discussions, find and post jobs, access grant opportunities, collaborate with other members, and more. There are also discounted conference registration fees and discounts on liability, health, auto, and life insurance. Memberships include special packages for nonprofits, government agencies, small corporations, and large corporations.

American Association of Zoo Keepers

Price: $185/year

The American Association of Zoo Keepers promotes cutting-edge animal care techniques related to husbandry, medicine, preserving biodiversity, and more. The Association is not only limited to zookeepers but extends to everyone involved in animal care. It’s mainly an association for the United States and Canada but also has options for international entities. The institutional membership is $185/year and includes bulk discounts and requires board approval.

Association of Energy Engineers

Price: $995 – $2,995/year

The Association of Energy Engineers focuses on engineering practices related to renewable energies and energy conservation. This includes solar, wind, hydrologic, thermal, and more. It also encompasses sustainability techniques that can be applied to carbon-producing energies such as natural gas and oil. The membership level for corporations is tiered depending on the number of employees at your company. For example, the Silver package is for less than ten employees and costs $995/year. The Platinum membership is $2,995/year and includes ten complimentary delegates from the company.

The Wildlife Society

Price: $1,800/year

The Wildlife Society focuses on climate change and how it affects wildlife, preserving biodiversity, wildlife education, hunting and trapping education, student development, professional development, wildlife diseases, and more. Government agencies are able to take advantage of their $1,800/year package for agencies that employ wildlife professionals. It’s a non-voting membership that brings government wildlife professionals in to help accomplish its mission.

International Mycorrhiza Society

Price: $250/2 years

A Society that focuses on the complex and diverse ecosystem of mycorrhiza that lives amongst us. Corporate members benefit all the same perks as individual members plus credibility within the mycorrhiza industry, access to a network of mycorrhiza manufacturers, access to research opportunities, marketing assistance, and more. Memberships are good for two years.

Association of Energy Service Professionals

Price: $2,500 – $25,000

An extensive network of natural gas, utilities, vendors, manufacturer, regulators, and consulting firm practitioners. The Association is dedicated to, “improving the delivery and implementation of energy efficiency, energy management and distributed renewable resources”. Group membership levels are based off a point system. The bronze level starts at $2,500 for 12 points and goes all the way up to $25,000 or 145 points. Points can be used towards webinars, individual memberships, job announcements, conferences, and more.

Freshwater Biological Association

Price: $4.50 – $27.50/month

A membership with the FBA is a commitment to protecting freshwaters so that our streams, lakes, and rivers have a happy and healthy future. It’s an exciting community of freshwater scientists, environmental professionals, and people who simply care about our freshwater resources. This UK-based organization has various levels of membership to get everyone involved. The small educational/charity membership is offered at a special rate of $4.50/month. The corporate, business, and university membership starts at $27.50/month.

Association of Zoos and Aquariums

Prices: $1,500/year

A commercial membership is offered to companies that care for animals or provide products to animal care facilities such as zoos and aquariums. Commercial members benefit from receiving time-sensitive information to help better understand animal needs. Members gain access to seminars, conferences, discounted products, advertising discounts, mailing label services, job listings, and more. AZA also has an accredited institution program.

Society for Conservation Biology

Price: $300 – $5,000/year

With over 4,000 members scattered throughout seven regional sections, seven working groups, 37 local chapters, and 12 committees, the Society for Conservation Biology is a network of scientists, researchers, practitioners, policymakers, educators, and students to help preserve biodiversity on Earth. Organization members are non-profits, non-government organizations, colleges, zoos, and government entities that include conservation as part of their own mission. Organizational membership is based off annual gross income. A budget of less than $1 million starts out at $300/year while a budget of more than $10 million tops out at $5,000/year.

This list serves as an in-depth look into some of the green trade associations that are currently active. As demonstrated by the diversity of this list, there are green trade associations for nearly all environmental disciplines imaginable. Each of the trade associations on this list has been vetted for activity and legitimacy. 

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